Thursday, December 15, 2011

Red and blonde hair

I went to the salon to get my hair cut, and when I was finished, I looked in the mirror and I had short hair that was red with blonde streaks in it.  And I was wearing a dress that I was not wearing when I walked into the salon.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Waiting waiting...

The sun was setting, and I had finished doing something so I stood on corner of the street on the sidewalk and called my bf to pick me up. He said he was on his way, so I stood there.

The sun kept setting more and more and the sky darkened, but he didn't show up. So as I waited, I walked to a nearby convenience store and asked if they had the Neurogasm drink. The man said yes they do so he went and got it for me. When I saw it, it said Powerade. I told him, "This isn't Neurogasm." He told me they were pretty much the same but I told him, "No. Powerade is good for you if you exercise a lot because it helps replenish lost salts. Neurogasm helps you think more." Then I left the store and stood on the sidewalk. My bf pulled up, and it was already dark, and I got in his car.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Creepy house

My bf and I walked up the stairs of a dark, quiet house. All the doors were closed, but we heard noise behind of the doors upstairs so we went up there.

The floors creaked as we walked slowly, but the noise was just random -- tv sounds, static, things moving around. I was scared and didn't want to stay so I motioned for my bf to leave with me, but he was too busy listening to the scary sounds.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bf's dad mad at me

I entered their house, and my bf's dad seemed mad at me and started saying things in Chinese. I asked my bf to translate and I asked what his dad said, but my bf refused. My bf just told me everything's okay.

But, his dad's demeanor conveyed his anger towards me. I walked to one of the rooms and cried.

Driving, desert

A dream from a couple nights ago...

I was in a desert and there was a school bus. My class and my mentor were waiting for me outside the school bus. As I walked up to them, my mentor handed me the school bus keys, saying that I drive the best so they were waiting for me.

As I drove the bus, I made a turn in the desert through some gates with a little town and dirt roads. We got off the bus and walked to a building. As I entered the building, I saw little girls putting on nail polish and lipstick (they were like orphans and the cosmetics were their play toys).

Second scene:
In the desert, I was with my family and we were going home. My grandma (who passed away when I was a little girl) was in a wheelchair, and they took her wheelchair away, but then there were some steps we had to walk through and she couldn't walk down those steps. My idea was to bring back the wheelchair and carry the chair up the steps. I yelled for my parents to give back the chair. But they told me they would just call for help to carry my grandma. Then some men in uniform (as though they were employees of the building near us) came and carried my grandma).

Third scene:
I was driving through the desert with my family as passengers. I said, "Maybe I'll take a different route this time." My mom told me that driving through Barstow was the shortest way.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Arm hair and razors

My sister and I were looking at both of our arms and the hairs were so long and curly on our arms... literally about an inch long! Grossed out, we wanted to shave them off.

I went into the bathroom and saw a bag of colorful razors that belonged to my sister. I wanted to use them so I took one when she briefly left the restroom (because she didn't want me using her stuff). When I looked at the razor, it turned out to be dull. They were all used :( I was bummed out. So I just used one of mine.


Uhhh weird dream!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Broke up w/my bf

Somewhere in the lobby of a Vegas hotel, I broke up with my bf.

Just a while earlier, I was sitting with some girls while I waited for my bf and I told them how everything was going great between us and that he is just so awesome.

He got angry and I asked for my keys so I could drive home, but he blew up my keys right in front of me. I started crying, but he scoffed at me and kissed somebody else right in front of me.

I woke up crying. :o What a terrible dream!